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27.09.2007 - 2007 - The year of achievements

The year started with the quiet but persistent development of DarkSide Tetris. The long-awaited result was DarkSide Tetris: The Second Block version 1.0, released in March 2007.

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16.07.2006 - 2006 - Let's finish something!

The first new version of DarkSide Tetris for over a year was release in june. Testing uncovered quite a lot of errors which were fixed in the following releases. A goal was established - to finish DarkSide Tetris with all the ideas available.

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16.09.2005 - 2005 - DarkSide Tetris moves on

This year will have to be called slow in retrospective. The new project from last year was paused. We hope to continue development as soon as possible. But DarkSide Tetris moved on.

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10.10.2004 - 2004 - work on DarkSide Tetris + a new project

The year 2004 began with Message '04 - the first Estonian demoscene event. Beau Monde was inspired and made plans about going to Assembly '04 - the largest demoparty in the area. The idea was to take part in the game development competition.

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04.02.2004 - Beau Monde Network @ Message 04
The first sceneparty in Estonia - Message 04 - was held at 24-25 January. For the first time, people whose interests lie in digital art and music had their own event. Beau Monde acted both as an organizer and a contestant.
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04.02.2003 - 2003 - full speed ahead

M.O.B. Kru celebrates it's fifth birthday in April, Beau Monde later in August. The number of active members has decreased but the quality of our creations is higher.

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21.08.2002 - 2002 - developments

The year began quietly. People graduated and started schools. In the summer a burst of activity stroke, as several modules for The Cord were completed. Siim Kinnas worked on the storyline. The websites got a proper design and content. Thanks to Oliver, Elmo and Dan.

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13.08.2002 - 2001 - a fresh start

Beginning of the year - as there is no deadline for The Cord, little work is done. The more optimistic minds suggested some results at the beginning of year 2001 but nothing that could be considered 'final' was ready at that time.

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12.08.2002 - 2000 - being low on time

In the year 2000 Rain Allikvee started modelling for The Cord and Sten Herne (aka freestyler) joined as the musician.

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11.08.2002 - 1999 - new people, new ideas

A 3d game project needs people with 3d skills. Robert Sälg joined as the 3d artist for The Cord. He designed the first three-dimensional logo for Beau Monde. Tõnis Ormisson started as the level designer and Pertti Soomann signed up as a programmer.

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10.08.2002 - 1998 - founding of the M.O.B. Kru, development of 2075 AD

The organization currently known as Beau Monde was started in 1998 (14th of April should be the exact date). An amateur programmer wanted to create something bigger than his previous works...

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Beau Monde Network - founded 1998
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