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04.12.2006 - The Yet Unnamed Project 2006

It was the year 2005 when Dan, Oliver and Siim sketched the design for a new game. Development started and reached a couple of prototypes. In the end of 2006 the idea was refreshed and programming started with new and improved technologies and great expectations.

You will see it When It's Done.

15.09.2003 - DarkSide Tetris: The Second Block

Sequel to the first DarkSide Tetris - newer, prettier and more playable. Now you can play up to 10-player games on the net. New strategies include new utilities and effects. The game has been redesigned and has changed platform. Read more on the new website:

16.08.2002 - DarkSide Tetris

A new project started in the summer of 2002. DarkSide Tetris is a tetris game for up eight players on the internet. It can be played in a web browser using the applet version or from your computer with the standalone package. Supports Sun Java versions 1.3 and 1.4.

To keep the game more fun a competitive game type has been added where you can mess up your opponents' tables and controls to make them lose before you do. Official tournaments are held for the title 'Master of the DarkSide'. More information can be found on the webpage:

15.08.2002 - The Cord
The Cord was the main design of Beau Monde. Unfortunately it proved too hard to be done with just a couple of people so it has been postponed.

More information on the website:

13.08.2002 - TAE - The Adventure Engine
A system for the creation of text-based adventures. The work has been stopped, but a working prototype has been completed.
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12.08.2002 - 2075 AD
Turn-based strategy game. Our first project. Unfortunately cancelled before completion.
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