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02.08.2009 - Beau Monde is Eleven. It is official: time flies.
Another year has passed and people have been busy. We actually got the idea to make a list of Beau Monde members and what they are doing ten years later. We'll let you know when we have the results.

08.08.2008 - Beau Monde Network is 10 years old

Ten years ago Dan Bogdanov, Siim Kinnas, Jorgen Matsi, Oliver Oberg and Martin Rääk decided that there group was to be called Beau Monde Network. Quite a lot of things have happened during these ten years.

Beau Monde has been busy doing all kinds of things:

  • Developing a strategy game called 2075 AD, which was unfortunately cancelled.
  • Developing a 3d role playing adventure called The Cord, which was put on hold.
  • Developing a system for creating text-based adventures called TAE. The system is usable.
  • Organizing the online game competition Beau Monde Clanwars, which in turn inspired the founding of PLANC.
  • Organizing lanparties together with PLANC, Estonian Computer Club and Tartu Computer Club.
  • Developing an online game DarkSide:Tetris, which was completed. Competitions ran on several lanparties in Estonia.
  • Organizing the first Estonian demoparty The Message 2004 together with the team. We even made a small and silly production called The Suntrix.
  • Developing the sequel to DarkSide Tetris called DarkSide Tetris: The Second Block. Tournaments were run in Estonian lanparties for several years.
  • Supporting another Estonian game project Looja Valik. The cooperation stopped, but the project continues.
  • Developing the DarkSide Tetrise web portal, that gather statistics for DarkSide Tetris: The Second Block games.

Beau Monde celebrates by organizing a followup to the Beau Monde ClanWars event held in 2000. The clans Beau Monde and Candyman will meet again with similar lineups. We then played games like Quake II, Team Fortress Classic and Half-Life Deathmatch. This time, we will add Quake III Arena (we do not acknowledge Quake 4 multiplayer :)), Team Fortress 2 and Half-Life 2 Deathmatch. The lineups are:

Beau Monde
Year 2000 lineup
Dan Bogdanov
Martin Kapp
Oliver Oberg
Jan Bogdanov
Sven Bogdanov

Year 2000 lineup
Alar Kvell
Mats Volberg
Sven-Erik Volberg
Gert Palok
Artur Peedimaa

27.09.2007 - DarkSide Tetris: The Second Block version 1.1 released

We haven't been sitting idly after releasing version 1.0. Instead we've been gathering user feedback and information about problems. The freshly released version 1.1 aims to solve these problems and remove some annoyances. It also provides some new functionality (mostly in the servers).

Download it from the DarkSide Tetris webpage.

Read on for the exact list of changes.

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07.09.2007 - Master of the DarkSide @ eSports Arena 2007
The next DarkSide Tetris tournament will take place at eSports Arena 2007 (October 26th, 2007). Register yourself at website.

20.03.2007 - OFFICIAL RELEASE: DarkSide Tetris 1.0 is complete!

We are proud to present you with the result of our development - DarkSide Tetris: The Second Block 1.0!

Today is a day we have waited for a year. We consider the game ready enough to distribute it to the wider public. Read on for the press release

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16.03.2007 - A massive DarkSide Tetris tournament

A unique DarkSide Tetris tournament will take place at March 23rd in two Estonian cities - Tallinn and Tartu. The two lanparties (ETC 07 and Experiment 07) are sharing a local network and a Master of the DarkSide event is held on that network.

Be there!

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04.12.2006 - The Yet Unnamed Project 2006

It was the year 2005 when Dan, Oliver and Siim sketched the design for a new game. Development started and reached a couple of prototypes. In the end of 2006 the idea was refreshed and programming started with new and improved technologies and great expectations.

You will see it When It's Done.

26.09.2006 - Master of the DarkSide @ Vision Tartu 2006

From September 29th to October 1st the Vision Tartu 2006 lanparty will be held in Tartu. Beau Monde Network will be organizing a DarkSide Tetris tournament once again and this time we have the title and the t-shirt! (It was missing last time).

Friday, September 29th: begin qualification
Saturday, September 30th: start of playoffs

For more information about the game and past events check out the game webpage.

Information and registration
on the lanparty webpage.

28.08.2006 - Master of the DarkSide @ ETC Suvi 2006

The ETC Summer 2006 lanparty took place this weekend in Rapla. A DarkSide Tetris tournament was also held (organized by Dan Bogdanov and many times Master of the DarkSide Trek). Eventually kollane (Temo Viik) emerged as the winner.

You can find the webpage for the lanparty here.
The tournament report will be available on the DarkSide Tetris web page.

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