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27.09.2007 - DarkSide Tetris: The Second Block version 1.1 released

We haven't been sitting idly after releasing version 1.0. Instead we've been gathering user feedback and information about problems. The freshly released version 1.1 aims to solve these problems and remove some annoyances. It also provides some new functionality (mostly in the servers).

Download it from the DarkSide Tetris webpage.

New features:

  • The server can be configured to force idle players (1 minute) to be spectators and not keep the others from playing.
  • The DarkSide ID passwords are now stored in the server as SHA1 hashes.
  • The server informs the player via the console that updates might be available at
  • The server can now be configured to add a tournament code to game results which are sent. Useful for lanparties.
  • The master server and server can be configured to make restarts after a configured period of time. Should keep the servers from getting confused.


  • The arrow keys now work as expected in the main menu.
  • In some cases in Windows, the keyboard presses were ignored. Should be fixed.
  • Fixed crash after taking a screenshot.
  • Sometimes in a network game the table would get garbage on it (random blocks etc). Should be fixed.
  • The game log filenames are now lexicographically sorted by date.

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