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About us

Beau Monde is an organization developing computer games in every sense. We have skills in programming, graphics, sound, and different platforms, also project management. We have done different projects over the years, some more, some less related to games. We've organized LANparties, had a Quake / HL clan and supported Open Source software. We are a team with contacts - a potential yet to be used.

We started out as a student group. Now the members work or study in all kinds of fields. Being a members doesn't require any special skills, just the will to create and/or support. We always look for new people so just ask us about what we are doing and join up if it interests you! There are no set dates or special organizational systems. The active people lead the way. We haven't yet set out to commercial games, if we do something and it's good, we won't keep it to ourselves.

We support joint efforts and co-operation and are always interested in joining forces on a project. Just contact us!

See our work:

DarkSide Tetris: The Second Block

The Cord

Beau Monde Network - founded 1998
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