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20.03.2007 - OFFICIAL RELEASE: DarkSide Tetris 1.0 is complete!

We are proud to present you with the result of our development - DarkSide Tetris: The Second Block 1.0!

Today is a day we have waited for a year. We consider the game ready enough to distribute it to the wider public. Read on for the press release


March 20, 2007
A new computer game in Estonia

Beau Monde Network, an Estonian organization creating computer games will present its latest work - DarkSide Tetris: The Second Block - on March 23rd, 2007.

The presentation will take place at the ETC 07/Experiment 2007 double tournament on March 23rd. DarkSide Tetris is a skill game which follows the standards of classical tetris games, but adds a multiplayer opportunity. The player can compete with computer controlled opponents or with friends online.

The game is freely downloadable from the webpage

"The game is easy and gripping" says Kert Kivaste who has proven himself to be one of the best tetris players in Estonia. "At the same time it does not turn boring thanks to the two gametypes and multiplayer option."

To commemorate the release, a unique double tournament is held in two cities, Tallinn and Tartu. The lanparties ETC 07 and Experiment 07 are connected to a single network and a DarkSide Tetris tournament will be held on this shared network.

Beau Monde Network is a group of hobby game developers which has been working since 1998. During that time the group has created computer games and organized various events. Up to 20 people have been involved in various Beau Monde projects.

Game webpage:
DarkSide Tetris: The Second Block

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