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2075 AD

2075 AD was our first game project. It was cancelled due to several reasons and there have been no plans to remake it. Of course, when an interested party is found, production may continue.

The first achievement of Beau Monde (then known as M.O.B. Kru) was a game called 2075 AD (2075 Anno Domini). The idea of the game was conquering other planets to colonize and establish trade relations. This was inspired by the classic Sid Meier's Colonization. During design the game became a turn- and tile-based military strategy.

At the time Beau Monde had only one fully functional programming platform (graphics, sound and game engine) and it was QuickBASIC. This put a limit to what we could do. As we went on these limits became more and more annoying and this lead to the termination of the project.

The idea of the game was simple: three races - humans, aliens and giant apes on a race to world domination. Everyone has their plans with the universe. THe following dialogue will give an illustration:

Imagine a child asking his father:
"Daddy, is there life on other planets?"

A human would say "We don't know, but we'll find out soon!"
An ape would say "It might be there...until we find it..."

Source code, graphics and binaries

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